THIE Mask Challenge for Texas and Oklahoma


2020 has been a year! And we are only seven months in!

When COVID first landed in the US there was a joint effort to “lockdown” and take precautions to slow the spread of a virus that we just didn’t and still don’t (fully) understand.

We altered our lives. We followed shelter in place measures. We learned new norms in our days. It has not been easy. BUT. Something happened during that time. We watched as our nation and each nation around us joined in a comradery to battle the unknown; to protect ourselves and others. Lives were lost and many fell ill. It has been debilitating; in how we live and in how it has affected populations. But we as a nation persisted. We acted to do what we could to contain COVID.

In the past month, we as a nation have taken measures to move back to the way things were. While this is a positive for our economy and feels good to be on the move, we must face the harsh reality that our current reality in battling COVID still exists.

We at THIE, insure health care facilities throughout Oklahoma and Texas. We have watched as the number of cases in these states has continued to rise at a staggering rate. We watch our hospitals, our friends, our rural facilities brace for the impact of more patients, and the possibility of low supplies or lack of bed space to accommodate the growing numbers affected.

We have been doing what we can to protect and assist our facilities. There have been road trips where our CEO, Tess Frazier has delivered face masks, hand sanitizer and other critically needed items. Campaigns have been shared recognizing hospital workers and all they do. We’ve provided supplies, encouragement, treats, and smiles to our hospitals; our friends.

It is time to do more. The Texas Hospital Insurance Exchange (THIE) is challenging you, Texas and Oklahoma, to a face mask challenge. Are you in?

Here at THIE, we insure the hospitals that take care of you. Let’s show them our support by doing what we can to slow the spread of COVID—wearing our masks!

Post a photo rocking your mask on Instagram!

Follow @thie_insurance and tag us in your pic!

Be sure to hashtag #texasmaskchallenge or #oklahomamaskchallenge to help raise awareness and to show your health care workers your support!

In slowing the spread of COVID, we not only help our neighbors and ourselves but also help our health care community; our front line heroes. We know you’re up for the challenge!

5 participants a week over the next 5 weeks will be randomly selected to win a $25 gift card for their participation!


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