For Healthcare Organizations

Safety Training Programs

We provide access to specialized safety training programs to educate your staff on best practices for preventing workplace injuries and minimizing risks. Our training modules cover infection control protocols, proper lifting techniques, ergonomic practices, emergency response procedures, nursing documentation, and more.

Continuing Education Resources

We offer access to continuing education resources and materials to help keep your staff informed and up-to-date on the latest developments in workplace safety and risk management practices. From online courses and webinars to educational seminars and industry publications, we provide valuable resources to support your staff’s professional development and enhance their knowledge and skills in risk management. 


  • CNO Training
  • Nursing Documentation: Writing to Protect What’s Right
  • Prevention of Slips/Trips/Falls/Sprains and Strains
  • HIPAA Education for Facility Staff and Volunteers
  • An Aging Workforce
  • THIE Risk Management Fundamentals
  • Fire Safety
  • Medication Safety with THIE and the ECRI Institute
  • Workplace Violence
  • The Future of Healthcare Risk Management
  • THIE’s Hot Topics Educational Forum (held twice a year and free to subscribers) links to Hot Topics page

Angie Merrell, RN, CPHRM | VP Risk Management
[email protected] | 512.483.5505

Our team of Risk Managers has a combined 60 years of experience in nursing, fire safety, and risk protocols.

THIE Risk Management Fact Sheet

The More You Know


The number of employees THIE insures annually through workers’ compensation coverage.


Reduction in workers’ compensation claims by one Texas hospital that implemented THIE’s Risk Management Services.

The More You Know

$9 Million +

Subscriber surplus refunds have been distributed back to THIE subscribers since 2011.


Founded in 1975 to provide professional liability coverage to hospitals in Texas

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