Rankin County Wellness Center

Rankin County Hospital District goes the distance in serving its community. Its Wellness Center provides services to friends and family of the hospital district.

According to Bree Lance, Wellness Center Director, the program has been a tremendous success in the district; with some member traveling 30-40 miles to attend classes and receive services. Because of fantastic prices and their ability to continually meet the demand of services for all types of people (more equipment, classes, and education about fitness and nutrition), membership has been increasing at an impressive rate.

October 2017 saw 156 members; fast-forward one year to October 2018 and the Wellness Center was providing services to 366 members (an increase of 210 people)! By March of this year, membership has surpassed 453 people. This growth is beyond impressive—it shows that the services the Wellness Center provides are successful, highly sought after, and making a difference in the lives of the people in Rankin County.

Where the Wellness Center thrives is through its range of services and offers:

  • Family plans at a discounted rate so the whole family can participate
  • Yoga and HIIT classes that are included in the membership
  • Summer Camp for kidsFitness training for all—whether you’re a student looking to prepare for sports season, older individuals looking to build strength and maintain mobility or training for those looking to stay toned and motivated

What a tremendous success by Rankin County! Keep up the great work!

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