Hot Topics: Waco Wrap-Up & Save-The-Date, Lubbock!

Dear Hot Topics, Waco…

You did not disappoint. While the weather was not in our favor for an afternoon of golf, the event itself was fun,
memorable and offered new elements that we couldn’t get enough of.

Everyone in Attendance

With time, patience and effort we think we have found our stride in offering two, half-day sessions of learning with the additional lunch and learn for those who crave more. The shorter days mean more impactful education sessions with lower burn-out. Ample time is provided for networking, plugging back in remotely to your office while also having time to golf or explore a new city with colleagues.

With these half-day sessions, we saw an uptick in the number of attendees that stayed all the way through our day two, session. We were so pleased to see that we are on the right track in offering an educational forum that balances both education and work balance. Thank you to all of you that joined us!

We have some great plans up our sleeves for future Hot Topics and we can not wait for you to join us!

Be sure to mark your calendars…

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