Cyber Security in Healthcare: Texas Gets a Red Card

Here we are in 2019 and cyber security attacks are at an all-time-high. While security and protections are getting better, hackers are only getting smarter and more creative—proving that no matter how protected we think our cyber lives are, we are wrong.

This does NOT mean that we are all doomed. It means more precautions must be taken and our knowledge must grow in how we can better protect ourselves and our clients.

In 2018, the health records of over 9 million Americans were stolen by cyber criminals. 9 million (US Health and Human Services).

“The data collected includes breaches from hospitals, health insurers and other health organizations covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which makes breaches public when they affect more than 500 people.”

Why does Texas have a red card? Because since 2014, over 1.4 million Texans have had their health records stolen and has “led the country in total hacking breaches reported to HIPAA for four of the past five years.” While one could argue, Texas is a large state and therefore bound to have more people hindered based on the population, the stats speak for itself. Texas has had over 1.4 million health records stolen. (“The statistics are indicative of the large population of patients Texas serves and the corresponding number of providers.”- Lance Lunsford, President of Communications with the Texas Hospital Association).

To learn more about these breaches and how they affect Texas, visit:

In keeping up with these trends and understanding what issues are affecting our healthcare subscribers, THIE is ready to offer a range of products to protect your business on all fronts.

THIE is here to help healthcare facilities in Texas and Oklahoma to protect themselves in many areas especially when it comes to these attacks.

Cyber Liability Coverage: THIE has partnered with NAS Insurance Services to provide health care facilities with cyber liability insurance products designed for the unique privacy-related exposures they face.

Through THIE and NAS, your facility can be protected from network hacking, cyber extortion and other privacy breaches with affordable policies that cover regulatory defense of claims, lost profits due to negative publicity and more.

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