COVID 19 Relief

THIE, a subscriber owned reciprocal exchange, has reported positive financial results for many successive years and has built subscriber surplus to a healthy balance.  As such, there is an opportunity to distribute subscriber surplus to our owners, above the normal renewal refund plan.  A surplus distribution rewards THIE’s owners for their loyalty and continued business.

The THIE Board of Directors has unanimously approved a surplus distribution of $1,000,000 to our active subscribers.  Hospital subscribers will receive a distribution based on the number of policies placed with THIE ($5,000 for Workers’ Compensation policies, $5,000 for Hospital Professional Liability policies, $2,000 for Commercial Auto policies, and $2,000 for stand-alone General Liability policies).  Non-hospital subscribers will receive a distribution of $1,500. Distributions will be made by the end of April.

The THIE staff and I thank you for being a loyal THIE subscriber!


Tess Frazier
President & CEO

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