Beyond Slips, Trips and Falls

When you hear about injuries in the workplace, the vast majority of incidents result from a slip, trip or fall. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of 
Labor Statistics report from 2016, 77.5 percent of all nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses involving days away from work in a hospital setting were due to slips, trips and falls. But what about the other 22.5 percent of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses?

Let's say a team of employees at a behavioral health care facility are participating in a physical training that requires them to learn how to do proper holds on patients in the safest way possible. A staff member volunteers to demonstrate a move with the instructor. In an odd turn of events, the employee falls, twisting a knee and tearing a muscle. 

The staff member undergoes surgery and afterwards develops a post-operative complication that leads to a serious infection. The infection is a result of the individual's own immune system as a response to the surgery. What was once a routine claim has shifted into a high-cost claim that includes a higher cost antibiotic and a long-term absence from work while healing. 

An employer can never be absolutely certain that a slip, trip or fall is the only risk of injury to your employees. Extenuating circumstances can create risk and it is vital that administrators ensure their facilities are covered. 

Workers' compensation is not required in Texas, so many groups elect to assume that risk themselves. While self-insurance programs cover many facets of workers' 
compensation, there are some benefits that may be missing. And it is imperative that health care entities ensure the best possible protection for both their employees and the facility. Insurance carriers like the Texas Hospital Insurance Exchange, that are regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance, follow guidelines set by the Workers' Compensation Act. By following the Texas fee guidelines, THIE can pay the bill while managing the claims cost. 

THIE's workers' compensation protects beyond general slips, trips and falls. Anything can happen and facilities should be prepared for anything. Ensuring proper coverage of your facility ensures that your health care entity and your employees are safe and protected. 

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