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Winter 2018

From the CEO

As we near the end of 2018 and begin planning for the New Year ahead, let me extend our appreciation to you for helping make this another very successful year for the Texas Hospital Insurance Exchange. 

We've had an outstanding year; extending our reach into Oklahoma, growing our Hot Topics Forums, and conducting an ever-growing number of risk management surveys and in-services. 

We are also proud to announce that our A.M. Best rating has been upgraded to B++!

Once again, the THIE board has authorized refunds to our subscribers to continue through 2019. The subscriber savings refunds for all policies will be 8 percent of the renewal premium. We will be able to offer a 10 percent refund to any subscriber who places a new workers' compensation policy with THIE. These refunds are subject to the availability of funds from each individual subscriber's account. 

It is our hope that THIE will be your first choice for your insurance needs. Again, thank you for helping us make 2018 a very successful year, and we hope to see you soon. 

Tess Frazier
Texas Hospital Insurance Exchange


"THIE is on the leading edge of best practice for risk management and makes a trip to our facility annually. I have never been with an insurance company that goes through such a thorough assessment each year. The information we learn about our facility in this process has been extremely valuable." 
Christy Francis, CEO, Hemphill County Hospital District

"As a hospital administrator, one of the most important things you look for when it comes to any type of insurance is a company that you can trust to be there when you need them. THIE is just that type of company and is one of our most trusted partners!"
Robbie Dewberry, CEO, Mitchell County Hospital District


Congratulations to THIE Board Member Adam Willmann, CEO & President at Woodall-Witcher Hospital Authority, and to the Bosque County Hospital District! A "Yes" vote in this election to establish a hospital district means local health care remains available for all residents of the county. 

Rural health care is a huge asset and federal and state governments are pushing more of the costs of health care onto local hospitals. As a result, rural hospitals are closing at an alarming rate across the country. 

This vote ensured continued health care to residents of Bosque County. 

THIE President and CEO Tess Frazier was appointed as a new board member of the Texas Alliance for Patient Access (TAPA). TAPA was formed in 2001 with a singular goal: Improving access to health care through enactment and preservation of meaningful medical lawsuit reforms. 

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First Insurance Funding

THIE has arranged premium financing for policies effective January 1, 2019, to be paid through FIRST Insurance Funding as a service to our subscribers.

In order to streamline the premium payment plan, we have secured the services of FIRST Insurance Funding. Invoices will now be sent on a monthly basis to those accounts that do not desire to pay the premium in full. This will be a fully automated process with the ability to make payments online. As always, THIE will not assess a finance charge to those accounts that need to make monthly payments. 


  • 15 percent down-- payable to FIRST Insurance Funding Corp. 
  • Up to 9 monthly installment payments or an option to pay in full.
  • As always, no financing costs. 

If you have any questions, contact Liz Jennings at 800/792-0060 x525 or by email at ljennings@thie.com.


Over the last four decades, THIE has focused on providing strength, stability and service to its subscribers; partners who have become like family. Through these partnerships. THIE proudly insures 86 percent of the non-system, rural hospitals in Texas.

When you partner with THIE, you're not just a number-- you're an owner. That means when THIE succeeds, you do too. THIE distributes its surplus profits back to its subscribers-- a total of $4.5 million since 2011. 

THIE is ranked as one of the top Central Texas-based property and casualty insurance companies with consistently high ratings from the Texas Department of Insurance for risk management services. With over 40 years experience in this industry, no one understands or provides for the unique insurance needs of Texas hospitals better than THIE. 

Thank you for your continued support and for entrusting THIE with your insurance needs.