How Does THIE Know So Much about Hospitals?
It’s Our Board of Directors’ Job.

At THIE, decisions aren’t made by detached corporate board members in ivory towers. As Texas hospital administrators themselves, our board members are uniquely equipped to understand the needs and challenges of the Texas hospital market. THIE is under the direction of a 14-member board of directors, comprising hospital C-suite leaders from across Texas. Board members are elected by their peers from the THIE active subscribers.


Sandra Wright / Chair

Tyler County Hospital, Woodville

James Vanek / Vice Chair

Columbus Community Hospital, Columbus

Ted Shaw / Secretary

Texas Hospital Association, Austin



Mike Easley 

Preferred Management Company

Russell Tippin 

Andrews County Hospital District, Andrews

Donna Boatright 

Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital, Sweetwater


Harris Brooks 

Palo Pinto General Hospital, Mineral Wells

Jonathan Bailey 

Hansford County Hospital District, Spearman

Robbie Dewberry 

Mitchell County Hospital, Colorado City

Adam Willmann 

Goodall-Witcher Hospital Authority, Clifton


Jim Horton 

Rankin County Hospital District, Rankin

Steve Summers 

Wise Health System, Decatur

Christy Francis

Hemphill County Hospital District, Canadian


Director Emeritus

W. Evan Moore 

Kenneth W. (Ken) Poteete 

Georgetown Health Foundation, Georgetown

Paul McKinney