Texas Hospitals’ Insurance Partner.
Not Just Another Provider.

THIE has been insuring Texas hospitals for more than 40 years. THIE was founded in 1975 initially to provide professional liability coverage to hospitals. As hospitals’ needs have changed over time, so has THIE’s product line. Today THIE delivers a full range of business insurance products and services developed specifically for hospitals’ unique needs. 

Partnering with Texas hospitals is at the very core of THIE’s mission. THIE itself was created in partnership with the Texas Hospital Association as a reciprocal exchange owned and controlled by its policyholders. The company is managed by the Texas Hospital Insurance Network, and governed by a 14-member board of directors elected by the active subscribers of the exchange. As a reciprocal exchange, THIE subscribers share ownership and have a vested interest in its success.

THIE partners with its hospital clients to:

  • Minimize insurance costs;
  • Limit claims; and
  • Create a safer workplace.